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Guest Posts Stop The Madness

Guest Posts: Please Stop the Madness

Guest posts used to be a way to build a new bloggers reputation quickly, however they are mostly ignored by most site owners these days. Why would someone give you access to their audience with no previous knowledge of you? Would you hand a stranger the keys to your car? Guest Posts are a scam.
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SEO Trolls

Trolls Love SEO?

The internet troll brigades, including foreign actors, are using SEO tricks to spread misinformation and manipulate online platforms. They focus on building reputation, advertising, and influence to push their agendas. Trolls also employ AI-based tools and have deep pockets for advertising, making it challenging to distinguish them from genuine users. This behavior aligns with the concept of #fakenews, as trolls create fake websites to disseminate misleading information. Understanding their tactics can help in recognizing and combating their influence.