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SEO Trolls

Trolls Love SEO?

The internet troll brigades, including foreign actors, are using SEO tricks to spread misinformation and manipulate online platforms. They focus on building reputation, advertising, and influence to push their agendas. Trolls also employ AI-based tools and have deep pockets for advertising, making it challenging to distinguish them from genuine users. This behavior aligns with the concept of #fakenews, as trolls create fake websites to disseminate misleading information. Understanding their tactics can help in recognizing and combating their influence.

Buer Loader “malware-as-a-service” joins Emotet for ransomware delivery

Twitter/X Etiquette? (is that a thing?)

The Big Cajun Man is sharing his experiences on using X to increase traffic to his Canadian Personal Finance website. He highlights the ineffectiveness of Twitter Tsunamis (posting 10 or more things at once), stating that posts are often overlooked. He also discourages posting directed links or posts that seem manipulative, as well as sending welcome messages with lucrative links. While he acknowledges that this approach gives him fewer followers, he is comfortable with a community that values authenticity over misinformation. #Twitter #X