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Twitter CAN get it done, but not For Very Long

I typically retweet many of my older posts (daily) to see if I can get some traction on older content that I had. Usually this only constitutes a bump of 10-20 readers a day, however, last week one of my older posts got picked up by a Twitter heavy weight who retweeted it and suddenly I received over 100 readers from Twitter.

The specific retweet was from Rob Carrick who has about 17K followers, but what was interesting was the effect really only lasted about a half an hour and then things went back to normal.

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This seems to suggest that Twitter can be useful driving traffic in short spikes, but not overly very useful for driving quality traffic, that will stay and come back often, but that does some up Twitter nicely (i.e. Wham Bam thank you Ma’am).

I continue to grow readership slowly on all fronts, we shall see how best to keep bringing older posts to the forefront (like the one in this post) Financial Time Machine List, which is simply me lamenting some bad financial decisions I made as a young man.


3 thoughts on “Twitter CAN get it done, but not For Very Long”

  1. I’ve found the same for my website. Twitter is great for a quick read but many readers don’t come back. In my experience the best way to engage readers and keep them coming back is through guest posting. With guest posting, readers get a true feel for your story and what makes you unique (definitely not something doable on Twitter)

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