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Timing is Essential

Sometimes if a topic has good timing, you can get astounding results. As I said in Freakish Posts and Who Reads What? I have little comprehension of why some issues seem to cause a great deal of interest and others that I think are interesting languish in a sea of disinterest, but sometimes Timing is Everything.

The day after the first complete televised leaders debate in Ontario (back in 2016), I didn’t have any new content. However, I Tweeted/LinkedIn/Facebook/Pinterest a post titled Damn Rich Civil Servants, a rehash of some Stats Canada info about household income and showing that Ottawa is a pretty wealthy town. The Post caused a 110 reader spike in 1 hour (which was not sustained for the rest of the day, unfortunately), but it generated quite the interest.

Why was this so darn interesting? The main topic at the Leaders debate, aside from corruption, was the PC’s plans to lay off 100,000 Civil Servants and how that would save money. I saw that post languishing in my archive, took a chance and republished it using Social Media, and it caused a very nice bump in readership.

As with all topics, timing is everything.

What do you think?

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