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How to Get and Keep Readers

This is the question your readers and potential readers have every time they visit your site. If your site’s content is boring or doesn’t catch the reader’s eye or fancy, you are going to lose readers.

Financial Readers

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Photo by Rheyan Glenn Dela Cruz Manggob on Pexels.com

The topic that you are writing about needs to be topical. Topical does not mean it has to be current, just something useful for a group of readers. My readership can be split up into groups:

  • Folks learning about Registered Disability Savings Plans. This is a hard topic for a lot of folks, so I have written about what I have learned about this program.
  • Parents wondering about the Registered Education Savings Plan. The RESP is not as complicated, but it does have several nuances I have learned about over time.
  • Folks learning about the problems of debt. Debt is something folks should know about, but the media and bankers have deceived them into thinking it is OK to have debt. I’m afraid I have to disagree with that statement.

I hit many other topics on my Money site, but I try to stay near my main raison d’être.

For this site, I have never really nailed down a subject. This site is more of a catch-all for a lot of ideas in technology and security.


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