Tried out a poll from the new Polldaddy plug in on my site on my post: Rates Are Down by 1/4% but haven’t had much interest in the poll.  Figured I would see if anyone is actually interested in that kind of interaction with the web site, it seems so far the answer is “No”, but maybe the question was not interesting enough. May be a more controversial or interesting question might evoke more interest.

Added the Blog to Wikinvest as well.  Saw it on Michael James on Money, and thought it couldn’t hurt adding content that might also cause my content to get pointed at as well. So far so good, haven’t noticed much impact but it is very early days yet.

I attempted to volunteer at to see if I could become an editor, but was given a polite “No” message. Too bad, I was hoping that might get me added to their directory, oh well, might try again later too.

What do you think?

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