Tank Man

That seems to be kind of where I am right now, not really too sure what to write about, and things at work are starting to heat up, so it will get harder to write things, but I think I will try to keep going, just to see if my hard work might pay off with a little more money.

Google has been wandering my site still, I am making sure I keep my eye on that, just to make sure I don’t get lost again, and have possible readers not know I am here! What is more interesting is that I didn’t have any HTTP errors when the site was crawled last, which is a first for me, usually there is no end of unreachable links, so that is good. Whether Yahoo ever comes on line again, I really don’t know, their whole system seems completely aimed towards folks who want to pay to advertise to be in their searches.

Epilogue: Had this happen a lot lately too, but mostly because I have been at this for 10 years and am running out of stuff to say too.



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