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Since this was written I have changed my stance and view that blog carnivals are done. I haven’t actually seen a Carnival in Years, but in the day, they were a big thing.

clown 4
Yes, that is another way to get folks to notice you on the Internet, is by sending articles to one of the many Carnivals that are posted on a regular basis on many different sites.

The first thing is to make sure you have some good content on your blog, that you figure might be carnival worthy. Then you go to this site, or one of the many other sites where lists of carnivals are kept. Using the simple on line forms submit your article and hopefully the editor of the carnival for the week will put you in.

This has worked quite nicely for me on my finance site to build up a readership of folks who seem to enjoy my odd viewpoint on finances in general. The next big step is to actually volunteer to host a Carnival. That will drive up your readership a TON, at least for that week and will also increase your in-link and out-link count, which will in turn help your Google Pagerank as well (as well as your Technorati and Alexa.com rank as well).

Links are really important (incoming more so, but outgoing is pretty important too). We’ll talk more about that soon.

What do you think?

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