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wannacry ransomeware

How Does Ransomware Work?

Ransomware works by encrypting data on an infected computer or locking users out, then demanding a ransom for it to be unlocked. One known version of this malware is Wanna Decryptor (also known as WannaCry or WCRY), which is constantly evolving. In a widespread cyber attack, hackers spread ransomware throughout hospitals by infecting computer networks, causing significant damage. Preventive measures include backing up all data regularly, restricting user access, and educating users about possible cyber attacks. Experts discourage paying the ransom as it funds criminal activities and doesn’t guarantee data restoration. #Malware #Bitcoin #Wannacry


Always Clean Your Computer

In the era of COVID, cleanliness, especially of frequently-used items like computer keyboards and mice, has gained paramount importance. Similar to cutlery used daily, keyboards harbor numerous germs, exacerbated if shared at workplaces. Therefore, regular sterilization is advised. Carrying wipes for communal computers is a recommended practice, despite the current cost due to demand. Additionally, considering the online vulnerabilities, it’s vital to maintain digital cleanliness by using antivirus software and regular backups to avoid falling victim to ransomware. A lack of cleanliness could have dire health implications in these unprecedented times. #Clean #Computer

young man in glasses reading book in park reader

How to Get and Keep Readers

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