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The more I learn, the more I realize how much I have to learn, is sort of how my week has been going for this blog.

After realizing that there must be BLOGSPOT based internal links in the content on this web page that points to my old Not How To Do It blog, I wondered how could I find all of that.

The easiest way to deal with it was:

  1. Go into your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Select “Manage Posts”
  3. And then in SEARCH input your old blogspot address (in my case
  4. Voila, all posts that you have that have internal links to your posts on your Blogspot site!

For me it was simple only 5 posts to fix, one, two three all updated to point to my new site address, all internal links fixed and happy no problemo.

Then I wondered, how many of the posts on this site have internal links to my old finance site? Go back to the Manage Posts page and input, OH CRAP! Pages upon pages of posts with internal links back to my old site. I am slowly cleaning up that mess, one by one, and adding tags so it is a long tedious methodology for now.

Then I realized I need to do this on Canadian Financial Opinions as well. OH CRAP!!!! That is going to be hundreds of posts to fix with internal links! Darn.

Is there a better way, to do bulk edits in WordPress?

Epilogue: Yes there was, I installed the Search/Regex plug-in, re-learned a whole bunch of stuff about regular expressions, and solved that problem pretty quickly. This ended up being quite simple, after I found the right tool.

The regular expression was  simple using the tool:

  1. In the Search field insert the site you want to change from, in this case
  2. Run a search and make sure that it finds what you want
  3. in the Replace Pattern field put what you want it changed to in my case
  4. Try the Replace option and it should show you the changes you are going to make, so you can finally confirm you have the right fields.
  5. Do a Replace and Save to finalize

Very simple.

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