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External Hosting

So currently all my blogs and such are hosted on BLOGGER, mostly because I am cheap, and also didn’t know whether I was going to keep doing this (I ask that question most every day, am I going to stop blogging today?). The cost of having my blogs and sites hosted externally is relatively low, so I am thinking that may be the next step I take with my sites.

I actually got a comment or e-mail from a reader once who said that they don’t click on Adsense ads or any type of ads on sites that are hosted for free. I think that kind of snobbery is a bit annoying. If you think that the writer’s work is good, and the ad is something you are interested you should indulge, but saying, “Because you aren’t paying your way, I am not going to help you”, is a bit of snobbery that I just don’t understand.

Who(m) you host with and how much it costs, really depends on the type of site you have and how much network bandwidth you are going to use. My sites are mostly just text based with a few pictures thrown in, but not many, so I can usually look at the cheapest hosting options, which usually is no more than $10 per month if you sign a 1 or 2 year contract. If you are planning on creating a picture hosting site, that is going to cost you a bit more, so keep that one in mind.

And don’t be a snob, help out those bloggers!

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