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WordPress: The install

To install WordPress locally on my machine was pretty darn simple, after I figure out an important factor in the install. The install relies on PHP to set itself up, well PHP is run by the Web Server, not by your browser, really. I wasted about 1/2 a day on that, until it was pointed out that if I did the following:

  1. Untar, or unzip the WordPress archive in your htdocs directory (the directory where the web server looks for content).
  2. Run the install program with the following type of incantation:

It installs itself very happily (as long as you have done the preliminary set up work on your MySQL database to allow the Web server and PHP to interact correctly). The install instructions (i.e. a readme.htm file) for WordPress are very easy to follow, so just read them, follow them and you should be just fine and dandy.

So now you have a local copy of  Wordpress to start fooling around with. What can you do with this? Good question.

Epilogue: Most hosting companies (like my hosts Dreamhost )now offer a 1 button install, so this isn’t quite as important as it was 10 years ago. Of course now I have moved on to Websavers a Canadian service

The Journey to WordPress

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