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WordPress: So What?

Well now that you have installed WordPress, you should really upgrade to WordPress 2.1 which was released yesterday, and learn how to do an upgrade as well (which is dead simple to do). Lots and lots of good upgraded stuff here, so well worth working on to get your upgrade.

So why do you want to have WordPress installed locally? To learn about how it works mostly. What have I learned:

  1. How to backup blogspot blogs onto my local copy of wordpress, which is great. Now I have a backup on my own machine, and I own my own content again.
  2. I can fiddle around with blog lay outs and experiment to my heart’s content without having to worry about if some reader comes along and doesn’t like what I have done to it.
  3. Learn how all of the SQL, PHP and Apache works together with this application running on top of it.

Now with this upgraded version of WordPress I get to poke around and see if they have a version now that backs up the NEW blogspot blogs locally, and what other benefits I can take advantage of.

Need to start looking at hosting sites and how much they cost and how much I am willing to pay for them, and whether I really need it or not. Let me think about that one for a while.

The Journey to WordPress


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