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WordPress: Nirvana

So now I had Xampp running on my laptop, and it didn’t seem to be causing too many problems while running, so that was great. I had Apache, MySQL and PHP humming along nicely, so now it was time to start tackling the installation of WordPress on my PC.

To recap, I was doing this for a number of reasons:

  1. Learn how this all works together, so I can understand the system. I am a computer geek at heart and even if I end up paying for Web Hosting through another company, that runs WordPress for me, and administers it for me, I still want to know how the whole thing hangs together, because that is what gives me “warm fuzzies”
  2. I was going to use this system as my “technical notebook” at work, so that I could enter my notes on line, and then be able to search them better than with my old black lab book.
  3. I could use the capabilities of the WordPress to back up my blogs on blogspot to my local PC and thus not be at Blogspot’s mercy if they decided to turn my account off (and I would have lost 3 years worth of writing). This is an important factor as well.

So Keep WordPress ?

So there you go, three really good reasons to go ahead and attempt to install WordPress on top of Xampp on my laptop. The backup was actually a really nice add on because I am always afraid of losing my writings, which of course one day will be published as a great book (oh that’s funny every time I write it).

So now we are going to try to install WordPress, what do we do next? Well, come back on Monday and we’ll see.

The Journey to WordPress


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